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up to £50 worth of vouchers from ecotopia, which would be very handy to help with the ever increasing cost of the weekly shopping bill. Especially as you sadly have to pay premium prices to shop ethically.

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Ecotricity refer a friend scheme

If you are thinking of switching your energy supplier to Ecotricity then you can also bag yourself up to £50 worth of vouchers to spend at their sister company Ecotopia, an online shop stocked full of Fairtrade, organic or sustainably sourced goods by quoting the referral code RAFE-2JXUQ at the time of signing up, either over the phone or by filling in the appropriate box on the third page of Ecotricity’s switching form, on their website here.

If ethical shopping sounds boring and just makes you think of natural crystal deodorants and thin recycled loo roll then don't despair, there are some much more fun, luxury and indulgent products on offer too. They have a range of chocolate (my favourites), snacks, jams, soft drinks and a wide variety of home baking goods! You can check out what they stock at their website

Now, how can you save money on your Ecotricity electricity and gas bills?

Sadly I don't have the answer to that one but I have to say that I have always found them to have competitive prices that match the larger energy providers and at least the £50 of vouchers could be used to help with the (ever increasing!) cost of the weekly shopping bill. So if you are interested in joining Ecotricity the money off vouchers are a bonus. Especially as you sadly have to pay premium prices to shop ethically.

I have now been with Ecotricity for 3 years and have absolutely no complaints about their service.

So, all you need to do is tell Ecotricity the refer a friend code RAFE-2JXUQ and you will get a £30 voucher for switching your electricity supply and a £20 voucher for switching your gas supply. Once you have entered the code then Ecotricity will do the rest and (according to the T&Cs) you will get your vouchers via email within 28 days of your energy supply going live.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch. In the interest of full disclosure I do also get a voucher for referring you but because I volunteer at my local food bank charity Eat or Heat I have donated a lot to them so they also benefit. If you do decide to switch to Ecotricity then thank you!

Click here to go to

or call them on 08000 302 302 (or try 01453 756111)

and quote the refer-a-friend code RAFE-2JXUQ when you sign up!

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